What is the electrical energy definition formula? Unit of electrical energy.

What is electrical energy?

Before explaining what electrical energy is, consider the potential difference between two points of an electric field.

v volts

Suppose the potential difference between point A and point B in an electrical unit is equal to V volts.

According to the definition of the potential difference, it can be said that when a positive electric charge unit, which is a body containing a positive charge to a coulomb, moves from point A to point B, it will operate V joules.

When the Coulomb charge moves from point A to B, it will operate in joules instead of a Coulomb charge.

If the time required for the charge q Coulomb to move from point A to point B is equal to t second, we can write the working rate as follows:

Again, we define the work done per second as a force. In this case the term

would be the electric current. In differential form one can write electrical energy

Watt is the power adapter.

Now if we place a conductor between A and B through which the amount of electric charge q Coulomb flows. The load flowing through a cross-section of the conductor per unit of time (second) is    

This is nothing but the electrical current i through the conductor.

Now we can write

If this current flows through the conductor for a time t, we can say that it is the total work done by the load

e = vit joules

We define this as electrical energy. So we can say

Definition of electric energy

Electrical energy is work done by electric charge. When the current I ampere flows through a conductor or other conducting element with a potential difference v volts for a time t seconds, the electric energy is:

e = vit joules

The formula for electrical energy

The expression of electric energy is

P = vi watts

Electric energy is

e = vit joules

Unit of electric energy

Basically, we find that the unit of electrical energy is Joule. This corresponds to one watt x one second. In the trade, we also use other electric energy units such as watt-hours, kilowatt-hours, megawatt-hours and so on.


When one watt of energy is consumed for 1 hour, the energy consumption is one watt-hour.

BOT unit or Chamber of Commerce or Kwh

The kilowatt-hour is a practical and commercial unit for electric energy. The base business is the watt-hour and one kilowatt-hour means 1,000 watt-hours. Electric utilities calculate the power consumption per kilowatt-hour. This kilowatt-hour is the unit of the Chamber of Commerce, which is a BOT unit.

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