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For more information on basic electrical engineering, see our content on transformers, electrical symbols, alternators, DC motors, induction motors, star-delta starters, Lenz’s laws and Faraday’s laws, and the beginning of DOL.

To learn about basic electronics engineering, see our articles about diodes, thermistors, active low pass filters, oscillators, gray codes, half-wave rectifiers, piezoelectric transducers, and the Maxwell Bridge.

To learn more about Control Engineering, check out our articles on Control Systems, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), SCADA Systems, Nyquist Plots, and Bode Plots.

electric motor

Electric Motor Content

We discuss various types of electric motors, induction motors, including DC motors, synchronous motors, and other special types of motors.

We explain the working principles, features, uses, and testing of electronic motors. This section is a collection of knowledge about all things related to electric motors.

Electric Transformer

Electric Transformer Content

We discuss all things about transformers – from basic theory to modern progress. Learn about all the different types of transformers – two winding transformers, autotransformers, power, and distribution transformers, single-phase and three-phase transformers – and more.

Electrical Measurement

Electrical Measurement Content

We discuss various types of electronic and electrical measurements.

Explanation of various bridge circuits, sensors, cathode ray oscilloscopes, digital meters, potentiometers, transducers and more. We explain the working principles of various measuring instruments and measurement systems.

Electronic Components

Electronic Components Content

Learn about different types of electronic devices. We can switch to Basic Electronics, Semiconductors, Diodes, Transistors, LEDs, Printed Circuit Boards, MOSFETs and more.

Digital Electronics

Digital Electronics Content

Digital electronic transactions with digital or disconnected signals.

We cover binary number systems, binary arithmetic, Boolean algebra, de Morgan theorems, K-maps, logic gates, and other number system transformations, including binary. We also explain basic electronic circuits of various logic gates.

Power Generation

Power Generation Content

Learn about electric power generation systems, including heat, hydro, nuclear power generation, solar panels, wind power generation, cooperatives, and more.

We explain the working principles and characteristics of various components of power plants such as boilers, turbines, solar panels, and wind turbines.

Switchgear Content

Switchgear Content

Learn about three types of electric switchgear systems – low voltage switchgear, medium voltage switchgear, and high voltage switchgear – and separate components of electric switchgear systems.

We explain the process, testing, commissioning, and maintenance of various parts of switchgear – including CB, CT, CVT, PT, isolator, and more.

Power Transmission

Power Transmission Content

Articles related to electric power transmission systems.

Learn about the various transmission parameters, the various materials used to construct the transmission line, the HVDC system, and the various theoretical methods in power transmission. We discuss the design of transmission towers and their foundations.

Electrical Generator

Electrical Generator Content

Electric generators are the most expensive as well as the most expensive components of a power system. AC and DC generators are basically two types of generators.

One of the most common forms of AC generators is an alternative. We have provided several articles about generators in this generator section of the website – to help you understand the basic idea of ​​generators.

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