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Ionization Energy

Basic electricity The ability of an element to release its ultraperipheral electrons for the formation of positive ions is expressed in the amount of energy supplied to its atoms sufficient to remove them from the electrons……….

electrical energy featured image

What is the electrical energy definition formula? Unit of electrical energy.

Before explaining what electrical energy is, consider the potential difference between two points of an electric field……..

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The working principle of Cyclotron and basic design.

Before you understand the basic working principle of Cyclotron you need to understand the force exerted on a charged particle moving in a magnetic field and the motion of the charged particle in the magnetic field……..

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Definition of electron volt or EV

The concept of Electron volt is very simple. Let’s start with a very simple. We know that the unit of power is the watt. W = VI, where V is the voltage and I is the current………

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RMS Value of AC Signal

Why is RMS value used in AC systems? What does it means and mean? Why aren’t all AC system ratings average in RMS? What is the difference between RMS and average? These are the questions that come to mind every time we look at alternate circuits……….

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Electric Charge: What is it?

(Electric Charge) Every matter in this universe is made up of atoms. Atoms are electrically neutral. In fact, every atom has the same number of protons and electrons. Protons are, positively charged……….

electric potential energy

what is electric potential energy?

The electric potential at a point of an electric field is defined as the amount of work to be done to bring an electric charge unit from infinity to that point……..

 Ac Circuit

Details Of The Ac Circuit Power Supply For You

AC circuit is generally three-phase for electrical distribution and transmission. Single-phase circuits are commonly used in our domestic supply network……..

drift velocity

Drift Velocity Drift Current and Electron Mobility

If a particle moves in space so that it randomly changes its directions and velocities, the result of these random movements together is called drift velocity……..

electric current

What is the theory of electric current and electricity?

Electric current is the flow of electrical charge through a conductive medium in relation to time.
When there is a potential difference between two points in a conductive medium……..

SI System of Units

SI System of Units: What are they? Disadvantages & Advantages

SI System of Units is the tool with which we can effectively measure all physical quantities. For example, if we want to measure length, it can be measured in meters, centimeters, feet, etc………

space charge

Space charge What is it?

“space charge “The accumulation of charges in a particular region is called a space charge. The space in which the charges are concentrated can either be free space or a dielectric…….

Sinusoidal Wave Signal

Sinusoidal Wave Signal

To understand what a Sinusoidal Wave Signal or sine wave, let’s first try to understand what a signal is…….

Electric Power

Electric Power

“Electric Power” Voltage and current are two basic parameters of a circuit. However, only the voltage and the current are insufficient to express the behavior of an electrical circuit………



What is Electricity and How Electricity is Generated and Used

Certain inventions have changed human civilization. The first invention was the wheel, the second invention was electricity, the third invention was telecommunications, and the fourth invention was the computer. We will discuss the basic introduction of electricity………

Nature of Electricity

Nature of Electricity

Electricity is the most common form of energy. It is used for various applications like lighting, transportation, cooking, communication, factory production of various products, and many more…….

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